#9. Hospital world - October 2011

I’m still reflecting on my day in the hospital yesterday getting that test. It is different visiting “hospital world”. There are sick people everywhere…people lying on gurneys in hallways, people in wheelchairs being pushed around, limping people pushing IV poles. There are a lot of sick people. I also saw two extremely pregnant women, walking the halls with their husbands. They looked very sad and worried; I felt like telling them, “Congratulations, soon you will be having a baby!  This is so exciting!”  But they aren’t at that point yet, they are still in the scary part of the delivery process.

What was also amazing was that there were so many many people there working to make people better. Everyone I met was so kind and helpful, and I saw so many other people in their uniforms, with their badges, and they are all working so hard. Like the woman who gave me the test in the nuclear medicine department. She studied for years and now works measuring people’s blood, measuring my blood, so that they can figure out if I can be a kidney donor. Donating a kidney seems more like a team effort suddenly.