#32. Friends - Dec 2011

Over brunch today, I talked to some friends about my decision to try to be a kidney donor. They had some questions, but they were very supportive. They asked, “If you ever find that you have kidney disease, would you be put to the top of the list to receive a kidney transplant because you volunteered one of your kidneys?” I said that that wasn’t the way it works. My friend immediately said, “Well, Carol, if you ever need a kidney, I will give you one of mine!”  She was laughing when she said it, but I know a lot of people, I have a hunch that one of them might try and be a kidney donor for me if none of my family members were a match.

I also explained to them that I think I am a good age to be a kidney donor. I’ve lived this far in life without kidney disease, and I’m still healthy enough to be a donor. I am not sure how I would feel about it if my daughter, who is 21, wanted to be a donor to a stranger. I would have to think about that one. When I think about her being a donor, suddenly I see myself taking the position that my sister had towards me, “I don’t want you to compromise your health in any way!”  I would support that decision if she wanted to make it, but I would rather she made it later in life!