#29. WWJD? - Dec. 2011

I was facebooking a good friend the other day, and I chatted with her that I was being tested to be a kidney donor. She was very surprised, but she wrote, “I have thought of doing that, but I`ve never done anything about it.”  That`s exactly my hunch, I think there are a lot of people out there who would entertain this possibility, they just need to be given the opportunity to think more about it, and see or read about people who are being undesignated donors. Even something as simple as explaining that donation can be done through laproscopic surgery, rather than a more traditional larger incision, is a huge thing, it makes the recovery time so much quicker (and less painful).

My friend also joking wrote, WWJD?, which in evangelical Christian circles is the popular acronym for the phrase “What would Jesus do?”  It`s sort of an ethical shorthand, trying to put yourself in Jesus’ shoes as you make everyday decisions. Except my friend said, “WWJD? What would Jesus donate?”   Which is a funny take on it, but one with a twist. Because of course Jesus donated his whole body to the world. "This is my body, broken for you", those are the words that are often used in communion services.