#11. Giving - October 2011

I know a number of people who are regular blood donors. They’ve been doing it for years. They say it doesn’t take much time, but I know they are busy people. Lately the advertisement from the Canadian Blood Service is “Blood: it’s in you to give”. I really like the slogan because it plays on several different levels. Blood is literally in us, so we can give it. But the phrase also suggests that you have the guts or the ability to be a giver. You can do it!

The same holds true for kidneys, for many people. Many people are healthy enough, and have two kidneys, and can give one. All you need to do is to want to give one. It’s in you to give.

I want to be a giving person. I’m a Christian, and I see life as a gift that was given to me; every day as a gift. I am who I am because so many people have given to me; my mother gave the space in her body to have me, my parents gave me love and lots of time, my church community was filled with people who spent time with me and cared for me, my friends have given me countless hours of friendship. Giving is at the heart of who I am, at the heart of who I want to be.