#13. Best behaviour - October 2011

Tomorrow I go for another morning of testing. Today I began a 24 hour urine collection. It’s funny how I’ve been thinking about what I’m eating and drinking these past few days. I want my kidney to be on its best behaviour, and I’ve been consciously drinking a lot of fluids and eating well!

I read yesterday that kidneys weigh around 4 ounces. That’s a lot less than I thought, I was thinking I was trying to give away a pound of flesh or something (lol... little Shakespeare reference there). Four ounces, a very small little organ.

I heard today about a friend whose marriage is ending after 26 years. That makes giving a kidney seem like small potatoes, compared to cutting a person out of your life, out of your memories.

This past week I visited with a 93 year old woman named Lydia. She was very supportive when my husband was sick, and she volunteered the information that she had a kidney removed when she was 25. She’s been living well for almost 70 years with one kidney!