#14. What a gift- October 2011

Today while I was getting blood work done, another woman was in the chair across the room talking to the nurse. I’d noticed this woman in the waiting room, she was around 35, I would guess, and she looked very very weak. She was walking very slowly, and she asked whether they could find a wheelchair for her to get to her next appointment which was on the other side of the hospital.

While she was having her blood taken, the nurse, who obviously knew her asked, “So, is it happening? Who is your donor?”  The woman replied, “It’s not someone I know…I just got the call.”  After the woman left, the nurses commented to each other, “I’m glad they finally found a match for her.”

Seeing this woman made me think; all the doctors have been trying to help her, but this is how sick she has become, she can hardly walk. What she needs is someone to donate something to her—a kidney perhaps? I could be giving a gift of life to someone like that. It made me hope even more that I can go through with this.

Today’s tests were easy. I brought in my 24 hour urine sample. I’d been fasting from food and water since last night; today at 8 a.m. they took blood, and then had me drink a super-sugary drink. Then I came back two hours later for another blood test. I also had a chest x-ray, and an ECG. I was surprised how fast the ECG was; they put little sticky patches different places on my body, hooked me up to a machine so they could read my heart, and five minutes later I was walking out.