#28. A busy schedule - Dec. 2011

One of the things I asked the doctor was how long I should be off work after this surgery. He said it takes six weeks to recover. I told him my husband went back to work after two weeks. He manages a tree nursery, and it’s not like he was immediately jumping up and down off tractors, but he did get involved at work and tell people what to do. And he came home and rested every day at lunch. I’m a minister; it’s not like my job is physically strenuous.  He said, “Well, maybe farmers and ministers go back after two weeks, but your body will still be recovering for six to eight weeks whether you are at home or at work.” 

They are very open to finding a time that suits my life to do the donation. The tricky thing for me is that I might be going on a trip in May to Israel, a trip that will involve some strenuous hiking. So I would want to be sure to be entirely recovered before May, which would mean I would need the transplant within two months. That might not be possible, with all the tests that need to get done yet. Otherwise, I could wait till June, which is not quite as good a time for my family.  My husband is not as busy as in spring, but February would be better. And then there is work to consider; I don’t want to have the transplant close to a busy time like Easter. 

I have to talk to the people at work about this soon. I am going to request a leave of absence; I don’t assume that they will give me the time with pay; I am choosing this, it’s not like a regular sickness.