#34. Immeasurable - December 2011

I had a talk with the transplant co-ordinator about timing; I don’t think it will work for me to donate in February.  I still need three appointments (catscan, psychiatrist, surgeon) and they can’t schedule the surgery until those appointments are completed.  I need to have a surgery date well in advance so that I can book the time off of work.  So I am probably looking at a June or July date for surgery.

 My husband told me to look in today’s local paper at an obituary.  It was an obituary for a man who died of kidney disease at the age of 67.  A lot of the obituary was what you would expect; beloved husband and friend, lovingly remembered by all sorts of different relatives, the career he enjoyed and where he worked.  The final sentences of the obituary grabbed my attention in a special way: 

“The last 32 years of Paul’s life were a genuine gift made possible by the generous donation of a kidney transplant from an anonymous donor.  This allowed him to enjoy a fulfilling family life with his children and grandchildren.” 

32 years!  How can you measure that?