#75. Listening - November 2012

Ten days post surgery.  I feel much better today.  No sharp pains when I’m moving, which is a big improvement.  More just a general ache in my insides, and when I take my pain medication I don’t even feel that.  I went for a short walk outside.  There was a bazaar happening at a local church down the road, so I drove over and thought I’d just go and stroll through it.  But two minutes of strolling left me with a strong feeling that I was not well, and that I needed to be in bed.  Listen to your body, right?  So straight back home and into my pajamas for a long nap and then a quiet day on the couch.

Today my mind was opening up a bit to thinking about the four people who have new kidneys. For most of the past ten days I just haven’t had room in my head to think about anyone else very much because I’m just dealing with my body. I wonder what their recovery is like.  They’ve got the same sort of incisions, I imagine.  The inner operation would not be so invasive, I would think, since they’re not cutting anything out.   As far as I know, even if they have a kidney that’s failed, they don’t remove it, they just add another one. 

The difference for them is that they hopefully now have a kidney that is working, and they are peeing for the first time in a while.  And their blood is being cleaned more efficiently and effectively, so they are going to start feeling better.  And they can eat and drink more freely because their/my kidney is doing its job.  They’re listening to their body and hearing something healthy.  Cool!