#74. State of the Union - October 2012

A week ago today I was in surgery!  The last days I have spent in my pajamas just sleeping and reading.   I had three naps yesterday!  Good friends have been dropping off meals, although I don`t have much of an appetite, and there are lovely flowers everywhere I look! My sisters sent me a big pile of books to read, and others have dropped off magazines and movies.  People are being so nice to me!

I ventured out of the house for the first time today for an excursion to the doctor’s office to have the staples from my incisions removed.  He didn`t want to remove all the staples, just half of them.  The incisions are looking good though.  My abdomen is still quite tender and bloated feeling, with some colourful bruises. 

 I came home and was still feeling good so I did the dishes and tidied up a bit.    I wandered once around the backyard…in one week the whole backyard has been transformed, all the leaves have fallen, it’s beautiful…green and yellow.   It was so nice to be outside. 

 For the last two days I have been on a maximum dosage of extra-strength Tylenols, as well as Aleve, which mostly covers the pain.  I could be on Tylenol 3’s but the codeine in them is very hard on my digestive system, which is also uncomfortable. So I decided to just go without the heavier pain medication.  Walking is fine, it’s just carrying anything, bending, turning over…anything that involves abdominal muscles means I get some short sharp shooting pains.  Nothing excruciating, just enough to say OW! 

I probably did too much today all at once, so by supper time I was pretty sore.  I was feeling bad enough to need the Tylenol 3’s.  Since I had the operation I have felt a tightness around my chest and I’ve had a sore back…I’ve been told this is probably from the air that they pump into the abdomen during the laparoscopic surgery.  It’s very hard on the diaphragm, which I guess gets stretched in an unusual way.  And so maybe that explains the sore back.  But probably the extra exercise today was a bit much.  The Tylenol 3s had me feeling just fine in around an hour.  Thank the Lord for good pain medication!

Today is Hallowe’en and I’ve developed some lovely long green bruises on my wrists from where the IVs were.  Feels fine but it looks rather gruesome!  Boo!  At supper my husband was making me laugh, which was not good because I was so sore, but later in the evening, I could laugh without worrying about it.  It`s time for some more pills now before I go to bed.