#52. Stress! - June 2012

It's been a bit complicated around home lately because my husband found out he is losing his job.  He's been working for the same company for twenty years, and they are closing down this branch of the business.  He will likely be out of work within the next six to eight months.  It’s very upsetting news for us, both because he has given so much to the company and he loves his job, and because suddenly he will be out on the job market in the middle of a recession here in Ontario.  We talk and talk every night, there are so many unknown factors, so many different directions to go.

Yesterday my husband’s boss came out from Manitoba to talk to us in person about different severance options.  It was a very stressful meeting with him all morning.  That very afternoon the phone rang.  I don’t know why I knew, but I knew it was the transplant clinic.  I just knew in my heart it was them calling.  And it was!  Of all days!  Tracey the transplant co-ordinator told me that they had found a potential match for my kidney!

Tracey asked me whether I would consider doing my donation in Toronto, because that is where the transplant is going to happen.  She said I should think about it for a few days.  I had so much in my head that day, I couldn’t really even absorb the news, let alone make a decision.