#51. Antigens and a national registry - April 2012

Yesterday I went in to see the transplant co-ordinator and signed papers to be in a national donor registry with the Canadian Blood Service.   This means that I might be set up to be part of a chain of donations that happens, sort of a domino effect.  The next meeting for that exchange is in June and they will talk about how they can best use my kidney.

The nurse also explained to me about antigens.  She showed me the printout about my blood and the type of antigens I have; they would need to try to give my kidney to someone who would not have a reaction to my antigens.

She also said that someone who has had a kidney transplant once, and rejected their transplant and is on the list again waiting for a transplant, would have a very long list of antigens, and so it is much harder to find someone who is compatible.

Even when on paper everything looks like the match will work, they will do a physical blood sample from the potential donor and the potential recipient to see what happens when the blood is mixed.

So right now I am waiting to hear how I can best donate my kidney to help the most people.