#54. It's a match! - July 2012

Well our blood was compatible!  I got the news yesterday!  When I told my husband he smiled and said, “Just think, someone out there has just gotten the best news they’ve been longing to hear.” 

I had hoped that I might hear when the surgery will be scheduled, but apparently they are working on the rest of the matches now.  Maybe they don’t schedule the blood tests for everyone at once; what a let down it would be if the first person in the chain of donations doesn’t match, and all those people went to the hospital for blood tests, all hoping to get the best news, only to receive bad news.

The transplant co-ordinator also mentioned that the doctor in Toronto who will be transplanting my kidney into someone else wants to meet me to do some tests.  She says I will only have to go to Toronto once.  We are all in the same health system, but I guess the doctor wants first-hand knowledge, not something passed on from someone else. 

I don’t mind.  I actually like the idea that the person who is going to be handling my kidney wants to meet me.  It makes it more personal.  Attaching a face to a kidney!  And vice versa, I can attach a face to the hands that will be handling my kidney, when it is so far away from home!