#39. A big gift - January 2012

Whenever you go to a big hospital there are things named after people.  This wing is the “So and So memorial wing” or that tower is the “So and so Family Tower”.  There are generous people who have donated lots of money. 

When my husband had to go to the Juravinski Centre, a local cancer treatment centre, to have our first meeting with the oncologist, I was amazed by the building.   The beauty of the architecture really did help in a difficult time.  I think the beauty of the building, the attention to details, gave us  the feeling of being cared for, the feeling that someone had cared enough to try and make this terrible experience you were going through just a little bit more pleasant. 

If I had millions of dollars, I would definitely donate money to hospitals.  But, having reached the age of 50 and having not broken into the millionaire range yet, I think statistically it is not likely that any hospital will be the beneficiary of my millions. 

But what can I give?  I read in a Globe and Mail article that dialysis for one person for one year costs the medical system $60,000.  So if someone is on dialysis for 20 years, that might cost $1,200,000.  If I donate a kidney, they don’t have to be on dialysis.  So maybe I can donate a million dollars.  A million dollar kidney sounds good to me! 

Of course, it could be my kidney would be rejected in a few weeks or months. There are no guarantees in life.  Here is the article where I read that statistic about what dialysis costs: