#82. Everyone is different - December 2012

Tomorrow it will be six weeks since I’ve donated.  I am back to work with a pretty normal workload at this point.  I don’t have any pain at all.   The dull ache inside has disappeared, there is less swelling around the main incision, most things have returned to normal.   There are two things I do notice, and maybe they are related. 

One is that I still have limited energy. For example, I’ll go for a walk for an  hour and when I come in and sit down my body feels like I have been hiking for three hours…way more tired than I should be for that amount of exercise.  I also find that I feel very weary a lot of the time.  That means that most of my free time is spent lying on the couch…  I’m a pretty get up and go type of person, and like to do lots of stuff.  Well mostly at home nothing is getting done.  The second thing I notice is that I am absentminded.  I keep forgetting things! Of course everyone is forgetful, but the rate at which I am forgetting things is much higher than usual.  Appointments, facts, stuff I’m supposed to be doing.  So the lack of energy is in my brain too! 

I am not too worried about all this, I see it all as part of the healing process.  The nephrologist said a 6 to 8 week recovery, and so I know my body is still recovering. Physically, mentally.

This weekend I chatted with the friend who had a nephrectomy two weeks after me, and his recovery is very different than mine.  He didn’t take any pain medication after the surgery.  Nothing!  And he feels good now.  When I look back at my husband’s nephrectomy, I think his pain was more severe than mine; he had a really hard time getting up and walking because it was so painful, and he couldn’t do stairs for a while.  That wasn’t my situation at all.  But he was back doing physical labour at work within a month; and there is no way I could do anything like that, even now.  It’s hard to predict how your body will react,  you just have to see what happens.