#58. A tentative date! - September 2012

I’ve checked in with the transplant clinic a couple of times this summer, but they have never had any news.  The main testing for compatibility has been happening in Toronto, and the people in Hamilton have been waiting to hear from them.

It has been frustrating waiting and waiting, and hard to know how to make plans.   Would the surgery be in August or September or later in the fall?  And how do I make plans at work and in my personal life not knowing when this major surgery is?  But every time I start to get frustrated, I just think about the person who is waiting for the transplant.  They are sick…for me it’s just an inconvenience!

It’s been over a year since I started this process of donating, I have been good and ready for quite some to donate.  And then today I got a call saying that all the people in the chain match!  I am so excited!  And they have tentatively set a date for surgery…October 24th. I told someone that I found out the date, and they asked, “Are you nervous?”  And I said “No!”  It had not even crossed my mind to be nervous yet, I am just too happy to hear that this is finally happening.